Sunday, 31 December 2017

My fitness journey to a happier soul!

So what better time to do a round up than the end of a year huh?

I decided to write this specific round up because recently I've had a lot of people asking for tips and advice when it comes to this specific subject.

That subject is...


Exercise and fitness!

Cue everyone's eyes rolling at the concept of an end of year post being about fitness and health.

I've actually been a little reluctant to write about this because I am far from an expert but if it helps one person find motivation then that's fine by me!

This is not so much me telling you that you need to put down the pies because it's January, and more so telling you about what I've overcome throughout the last few years and if you can take any of my journey and apply it to yours then we're all winners here!

Before you read any of this, my main philosophy here is to exercise for your mind first and foremost, and your physical reasons come second. Then you DO get instant results, you get instant endorphins which make you feel great and you stop looking at every inch of your body whilst getting disappointed that you haven't made drastic changes in a week.

Also small changes over a long period of time really do add up, so don’t lose faith!